Over the years, I have been asked so many times how to achieve that blow dried look at home. So I talked to our friends at Matrix and voila Amy Lawrenson published a post a couple of years ago on the very same subject which I hope is helpful.

“The key when blow drying your hair is that you want to get the hair cuticles to lie smooth and face in the same direction to boost shine and avoid potential frizz. Start with freshly washed hair but don’t over towel dry, as this can rough up the cuticles. Press, blot or gently squeeze the hair with your towel instead. If you have a hair type that tends to frizz don’t let it air dry too much, apply your products early. If you have a natural wave, then it’s fine to air dry but make sure the hair is tangle-free because you will damage your hair over time if you leave the cuticle rough and exposed to the elements whilst it dries. Start by gently brushing your hair with a boar bristle brush (or a vented, nylon brush, if you’re vegan). If you have any tangles, comb the hair from the ends working up to root to avoid breaking the strands.

Much like a house has foundations, your blow dry needs a solid base too. Your hair’s foundation comes in the shape of styling products, which should be applied to towel-dried hair. If the hair is soaking you’ll be diluting any product you apply”

So, there you have it, great advice, yes?

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